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1. Fees
a. All tournament fees are non-refundable.
b. Tournament entry fee is $100.00 per tournament and includes Big Bass. Our May 15th Tournament, the top ten boaters from our previous 3 tournaments(Feb28th-Mar26th-Apr24th) will compete for $1000.00 side pot with winner takes all. Our regular tournament format payouts will be as normal. You must fish all events with same partner to qualify for the May15th $1000.00 shootout tournament payout or fish solo if your partner is absent.If you do decide to have a alternative partner,or fishing solo please advise during sign ups.   All tournaments are open events.You and your partner are required to sign in before take off.
c.Tournaments will be held at Lake Lanier(Laurel Park) 3100 Old Cleveland Hwy. Gainesville Ga 30506 (all events)
d.Must register at ramp before each event. First come basic for launch order.

2. Regulations
a. All State/local laws, and lake regulations must be adhered to. No alcohol or illegal drugs
3. Minor participation
a. Anglers under the age of 18 must fish with an adult supervision.

4. Check in/ Blast Off /Times/Flights/

a. Anglers must be present at the official check-in time to fish any tournament.
b. Participants must also stay in no wake zone site until the official blastoff' is signaled. Please listen for your boat number to be called at blastoff.
c. Officals will call "Official Time" at blastoff and all participants will start at safe light.
d.  1st flight will be in at 3:00 pm with 2nd flight at 3:15pm (you will be told which flight you are in at registration per event when registration begins at each tourney.
d. If bad weather threatens event, we will notify everyone through out Facebook page, and reschedule for later make up date.

5. Weigh in Rules
a. Late weigh-ins will be penalized as follows: 1 lb. penalty for every 1 minute late, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you're disqualified.
b. Everyone will be given a boat number , so have this with you at weigh in. Scales open at 3:00 pm sharp. Everyone will have 5 minutes after last call to weigh there fish.
6. Vessel requirements
a. All vessels must be register and have all safetly devices .
b. Life jackets must be worn if big engine is running along with kill switch attached.
c. Anglers may not fish outside of their vessel for any reason.
d. All lights must be on during take off and pre launch or if conditions are dark.
7. Livewells
 a Make sure your livewells are in good working order and take care of your fish!

8. Only Artifical lures may be used.

9. No fishing multiple rods at the same time.

10. No trolling any baits.

11. All official weigh-ins and measurements are performed  by member(s) of Perry's Hi Tech

12. Bass must be 14-inch minimum - Largemouth-Spotted Bass-Shoal Bass

13.  Must have your own weigh in bags.

14. Culling
a. No participant shall have more than 5 fish in their possession at any time, Unless actively culling.
b. No culling of fish is allowed within 50 feet of the weigh-in site. Cull your fish as you go!
c. No fish trading
15. Dead Fish

a. Each dead fish weighed in will result in a 1 pound penalty.
b. Dead fish do not qualify for the 'Big Fish' option.
c. Dead fish brought to the scale are the responsibility of the angler, without exception.
d. No dead fish may be left behind at the scale.

16.Short Fish Penalty-Any team that brings a short fish to the scale will be penaltized 1 lbs plus the loss of the short fish. 14" in length is minum .If you bring more than (5) fish to the scales,you will loose your big fish as part of your weigh in , and will only be able to weigh in your remaining (5) fish. No exemptions.

a. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a "sportsman" like manner.
b. If any one from the public, another participant, or a member of PHT views another fisherman or viewer exhibiting un-sportsman like conduct,  , during, or after a tournament the offending angler may be disqualified from that tournament.
c. Perry's Hi Tech is a non-discriminating organization. Any violation can result in disqualification and/or permanent tournament dismissal. This tournament is open to all persons,both male and female,to participate as a team and are subject to these rules and regulations.
a. Protests regarding violation of these rules must be declared immediately to the Tournament Director
b. Protests must then be submitted in writing, within 30 minutes of the official weigh-in time.
c. The Tournament Authority will hear protests and the decision of the Director will be final.
 19. Release and Hold Harmless: In the considertion of acceptance of entry into

Perry's Hi- Tech Tournament Trail ,all participants and parents of any minor child participants agrees by signing an Entry Form, waive any and all claims for themselves and their heirs against officals,sponsors,employees,owners,and host of Perry's Hi Tech Tournament Trail for injury or illness which may directly or indirectly result from partipating in the tournament. By signing the Tournament Entry Form,all participants acknowledge the following:

a.They are in proper physical and mentally condition to participate in our tournaments,

b.That they understand the dangers of participating in bass tournaments.

c.That they understand and know the risk associated with participating in the tournament

d.That the knowingly and voluntarily expose themselves to such risk(s)

e.That any injury sustained by participant amounts to participant's failure to exercise ordinary care for participant's own safety,

f.That participant holds harmless officials,sponsors,employees,owner and hosts of Perry's Hi Tech Tournament Trail in the event that participants or any other person is injured or sustains property damage as a result of participant's action or failure to act.
19. Payout Format 1 out of every 6th boat will be in the money based on 60 boats. Big bass will be announced before final weight in results .Top Ten team format for $1000 shootout.-This will be based upon Feb 28th Mar26th Apr24th weigh in results for all (3) tournaments combined.. In the event of a tie , we will go to whom ever had the heaviest bass in past three events. The May 15th tournament will be paid out as normal regardless if any boaters are in the $1000.00 shootout monies. All results will be posted on our website and facebook page with up to date info. 


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